4 Fantastic Reasons To Choose Ticket Generator As An Alternative To Eventbrite


Are you looking for a seamless and user-friendly method to generate tickets for your event? If so, the chances are high that you’ve come across Eventbrite, one of the biggest names in the market. Although Eventbrite has been a go-to solution for many event organizers, you might be interested to know that another alternative with more offerings is emerging—Ticket Generator.

In this blog post, we delve deeper into four reasons why Ticket Generator is a progressive Eventbrite alternative, offering some of the best event ticket solutions today.

The features we’ll cover include the following:

  1. Flexibility of Ticket Types
  2. Easy Customization and Streamlined Experience
  3. Advanced Security Measures
  4. Cost-effective

A. Ticket Generator vs. Eventbrite: An overview

Now, we will dissect the two systems: Ticket Generator and Eventbrite. You may be more acquainted with Eventbrite, given its popularity in the ticketing sphere.

However, some key differences between the two systems should help you decide which is best for your event.

Let’s explore why you might want to consider Ticket Generator as a viable Eventbrite alternative.

1. Customization options

First and foremost, Ticket Generator takes the lead in customization. You can create an event ticket within minutes. More than that, you can personalize everything from ticket layout and design to adding your brand logo.

Eventbrite also has customization features but they are limited. Ticket Generator has more than a thousand templates to choose from, making it the best option for customization and options.

This can ensure uniformity across your branding endeavors, bolstering brand recognition with every ticket sale.

Comparison of ticket types: Eventbrite vs. Ticket Generator

Ticket Type Eventbrite Ticket Generator
Corporate Meets ✔️ ✔️
Concerts ✔️ ✔️
Gala and Balls ✔️ ✔️
Sports Event ✔️ ✔️
Private Parties ✔️ ✔️
Comprehensive Customization Options ✔️

Ticket Generator’s customization capabilities eases the process of creating tickets that are aesthetically appealing and easy to read. 

Features Eventbrite Ticket Generator
Ticket Customization Moderate Comprehensive
Template Availability Limited Wide range
Ease of Use Complicated User-friendly
UX/UI design Basic Advanced

3. Pricing model

The pricing model is another major advantage of Ticket Generator. Though Eventbrite’s pricing model is similar to Ticket Generator, Ticket Generator offers more flexibility in pricing, and it’s relatively low compared to Eventbrite.

Cost Comparison: Eventbrite vs. Ticket Generator

Pricing Features Eventbrite Ticket Generator
Per ticket fee Yes No
One-time fee No Yes
Base tier price High Affordable
Premium tier price Very High Reasonable

This translates to significant savings, especially for smaller events or business entrepreneurs starting their ventures.

3. Integrated Check-in App

Ticket Generator takes convenience one step further to ensure your event management is smooth from start to finish. They provide an integrated check-in app. So you won’t have to spend on hardware scanners, 

This product exceeds Eventbrite’s functionality, offering a powerful ticket validation system without any hitches.

Security measures: Eventbrite vs. ticket generator

Security Measures Eventbrite Ticket Generator
Barcode Verification ✔️ ✔️
Unique QR Codes ✔️
Anti-forgery checks Basic Advanced

4. Enhanced support

Eventbrite provides an extensive support section with a knowledge base, community forum, and contact form. You can also reach out to their team via email at any time. Ticket Generator offers a similar level of support with their own knowledge base and FAQ page.

However, they also have a live chat feature so you can talk directly with a representative instead of emailing them or leaving a message in the community forum.

Support Service Comparison: Eventbrite vs. Ticket Generator

Support Service Aspects Eventbrite Ticket Generator
Responsiveness Moderate High
Resourcefulness Basic Excellent
Availability Limited 24/7
Personal Assistance Limited High

B. The Best Eventbrite Alternative: Making Your Decision

While both Ticket Generator and Eventbrite have their unique qualities, it’s apparent that they offer more flexibility, cost-effectiveness, and user-friendly options. 

While Eventbrite is well-suited for larger events or more established businesses, Ticket Generator proves itself to be an accessible tool for anyone diving into the world of event management.

In conclusion, there’s much to gain from choosing Ticket Generator as your go-to event ticketing platform. From resounding affordability to rich customization, it’s an Eventbrite alternative that unquestionably earns its mark in event ticketing.

If you’re looking for an Eventbrite alternative to create your own event ticketing system, Ticket Generator is your ticketing software. 

Its robust features and user-friendly interface make it easy to get started with Ticket Generator today!

By Aashi Sachdeva

Aashi Sachdeva is a senior digital marketer at Trycon Technologies. Her talent includes knowing what makes people tick. While working for Trycon Technologies, she crafts digital marketing strategies to make the brand the best in QR Code space. A workhorse and a part animal in equal measures, she means business, and dares to go beyond all things normal. While her work takes most of her time, she does have an interesting life apart from it. She loves to try New Delhi’s street food, creating memes, and making fun plans for the weekend.