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Use Ticket Templates or upload Own Design

If you're organizing an event and want to quickly generate tickets, use the standard ticket template.
You can immediately start generating tickets or personalize the template with:
Business or event logo in PNG/JPG
Background image (PNG/JPG) or color (HEX, CMYK)
Event description, tagline, notes, or any other important details
Variable information unique to each ticket (upto 5)
If you've personalized the standard ticket design, you can also save your design as a template for future use.
If you're a professional event organizer and have your own ticket design, you can:
Simply upload the design in PNG/JPG format
Secure this ticket as the application will auto-add a QR Code and ticket code
Reposition the QR Code and ticket code on the uploaded design as required
Add variable information placeholders (upto 5)

Add Unique Information on each ticket

Make each ticket relevant by adding guest or other important details such as:
Guest Name
Hall/Auditorium Number
Ticket Class/Category
Seat Number
Ticket Price
Payment Reference No.
You can add upto five data points per ticket and upload this data via a spreadsheet. If you've setup event registration, the data will get auto-populated on the tickets.
Add variable information

Secure Tickets with a unique QR Code and ticket code

A unique QR Code and ticket code will be added to each ticket you create. These unique codes will:
Add a layer of security to each ticket
Be used by the event coordinators at the event entry to validate the authencity of each ticket
Make ticket validation faster and accurate compared to manual checks

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