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Ticket Generator is a web application helps you authorize event guests with a mobile app on your smartphone using one-time scannable QR Code tickets. Along with the ease of ticket generation, it allows faster and accurate check-in of authorized guests without the requirement of any expensive hardware.
Ticket Generator can be used to generate and validate tickets for all events that require authorized entry—typically, events that have 10 or more invitees. Examples of events could be workshops, seminars, conferences, business events, parties, weddings, trainings, meetups, exhibitions, and concerts.
In Ticket Generator, a readymade template is provided where you simply need to enter basic information and branding—event name, description, timings, terms and conditions, brand logo, and brand color/image. We use this information to generate visually-appealing tickets. No professional designing is required.
To start using Ticket Generator, you simply need to go to the Ticket Generator website and sign-up for a free account. We give 10 free ticket credits that will allow you to test the software and create real tickets. To validate the tickets, you will need to download the Ticket Validator mobile app on your smartphone. To create more tickets, you can purchase ticket credits from the website.
Using Ticket Generator, you can mention the following details—event name, description, event dates and timing, timezone, venue address, and terms and conditions. Note that these details will be printed on all tickets. Ticket Generator also gives the option to add variable information that will be unique to each ticket. There are no restrictions here and you can add any data. Commonly used data points are—guest name, ticket price, seat number, seating row, seating section, and hall number.
Using Ticket Generator, there are two ways to get tickets. First, you can download the ticket PDF files, which can be printed at home or by using the services of a professional printer. With the second option, you can directly email the ticket soft copy to the recipients by providing their email addresses.
Each ticket generated using Ticket Generator has a one-time scannable QR Code. This QR Code can only be scanned and validated using the Ticket Validator mobile app by authorized event personnel only. At the point of entry, the tickets can be validated for authenticity in this way. The system identifies and flags invalid and duplicate tickets, allowing only authorized guests to enter.
No. Tickets generated using Ticket Generator can only be validated using the Ticket Validator app, available freely on Google Play (Android devices) and App Store (coming soon). This is to ensure that only authorized event coordinators can validate tickets as they will be required to login to the mobile app before validation..
If a visitor has duplicated a valid ticket, the visitor who enters first will be permitted. The other visitor will be flagged with a duplicate ticket. This will ensure that the number of guests who enter are equal to the number of valid tickets issued.
Ticket Generator app gives the option to test sample tickets so that valid tickets are not used. You can view these sample tickets on the website and test them using the Ticket Validator app by choosing the ‘Sample Event’. Using this testing option, you can test the response for a valid, invalid, duplicate, and worn-out ticket.
By default, the administrator of the Ticket Generator account can validate the tickets by logging to the Ticket Validator mobile app. However, if needed, the administrator can add multiple ‘coordinators’. These coordinators can set login credentials and access the Ticket Validator mobile app to validate tickets. Note that for higher security, coordinators will only be able to validate tickets for events they are invited to.
Yes, a guest who has already entered can exit and re-enter. The guest on exit needs to show the ticket to a coordinator. The coordinator can scan the ticket and mark the ticket for re-entry. On re-entry, the user can show the ticket, which will once again be valid on scanning.
Yes, it is possible to view and export the following event analytics— total attendance, attendance by time, tickets validated by coordinator, and total number of used, new, expired, invalid, duplicate, and re-entry tickets.
Ticket credits are required for generation of tickets in Ticket Generator. One ticket requires one ticket credit. First 10 ticket credits are free and added to the account on signup.
One credit = One ticket. So your account should have enough credits to generate the number of tickets you need. Depending on the number of tickets you need, you can buy different credit packages that we offer in quantities of 10, 100, 1,000, and 10,000. The package options allow you to buy credits in multiples of 10s.
You can purchase ticket credits by clicking on the ‘Buy Now’ button on the dashboard and choose the required number of credit packages.
No, ticket credits once purchased cannot be refunded. However, the credits do not expire and can be used to generate tickets anytime.

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