Securely validate each ticket and enable fast check-in with Ticket Validator mobile app

Make each ticket unique with a QR Code and ticket code

With Ticket Generator, each ticket is made unique by using a QR Code and a unique ticket code
These anti-counterfeiting features ensure that gatecrashers cannot duplicate tickets and gain entry
At the point of entry, the QR Code is scanned by event coordinators to validate authenticity of the tickets

Add multiple event coordinators to validate guest entries

Organizing a large event with multiple entry points? Get your teammates to quickly check tickets by adding them as coordinators. Each coordinator receives an email with instructions to set up their account.
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Download the free Ticket Validator mobile app to validate tickets

With Ticket Generator, there is no need to spend on any hardware systems to validate guest entries. Admins and coordinators can simply download the free Ticket Validator mobile app available for both iOS and Android.

Scan tickets to verify their authenticity

At the event entry, use the Ticket Validator mobile app to either scan the unique QR Code or enter the unique ticket code to validate each ticket
Get instantly notified if the ticket is valid, invalid, or duplicate
Depending on set up, view ticket or guest details with each scan
Administrators and event coordinators can also test the app by scanning sample tickets
Invalid, valid and used ticket

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