Powerful features that make Event Ticketing easy for you


Create event details and registration page

Design a landing page with event-related details and a registration form for the guests to fill out

Get registrations and ticket payments

Not only accept registrations via event page but also receive payments

Authorize registrations manually or automatically

Choose to review and authorize each event registration manually or allow automatic approval

Generate and send tickets automatically

As soon registrations are approved, guests receive the tickets automatically in their inbox
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Use ticket templates or upload own design

Create custom designed tickets using our standard template or add your own design as template

Personalize ticket design

Make the tickets look branded to your business. Add event details, brand logo, colors, and more

Add unique information on each ticket

Add details unique to each guest such as name, row number, and seat number. Simply upload data via spreadsheet

Get unique QR Code and ticket code

Each ticket comes with a unique QR Code and ticket code to help verify guest entry
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Send via email

Share tickets via email with up to 1,000 guests per batch

Send via SMS

Got guest phone numbers? Send them ticket link via SMS

Send via WhatsApp

Share tickets with via most commonly used messenger app—WhatsApp

Download print-ready tickets

Download the tickets as print-ready PDFs or images and share printed copies
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Generate and send tickets

Add multiple event coordinators

Get multiple coordinators to speed up entry validation and shorten queues

Validate via Ticket Validator
mobile apps

Simply install the Ticket
Validator mobile app (for both Android and iOS) to authorize guest entries

Scan QR Code or enter ticket code

Quickly scan QR Code or enter ticket code to see if it's a valid, duplicate, or invalid entry

Allow exit and re-entry

Allow guests to temporarily leave the venue by digitally marking the ticket for re-entry
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Event registration insights

Get event page conversion rates and registration approval rates

Attendance insights and

Get detailed data on event attendance to make better decisions for your upcoming

Unauthorized entry attempts

See how many people tried gatecrashing the event to further improve security measures

Coordinator performance

Track tickets validated per coordinator to monitor crowd at each point of entry
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Integrate ticket generation in your own events or ticketing application

Enable real-time ticket generation via your own ticketing app or information system using Ticket Generator's API

Generate white-labeled or personalized ticket designs

Use the API to generate and send custom-designed tickets

Validate using Ticket Validator mobile apps

No expensive set-up needed. Just install the Ticket Validator app on your phone and start validating the entries
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