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How Is Contactless Event Technology Changing The Face Of Event Management?

Yashika Tangri
November 27, 2023
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After the COVID-19 pandemic, the landscape of modern living has transformed to a significant level. Contactless transactions are slowly becoming the standard exception, from food delivery services to vacation stays. And the event industry is no exception. 

In an unpredictable post-pandemic world, putting on a live event to safely attract attendees can be difficult. Going contactless is not only safe but is an effortless way to continue providing engaging in-person experiences while keeping attendees comfortable.

But how and where do you start planning a contactless event?

Read on to know all about it.

Why is Contactless Technology Important for Events?

Reasons to Invest in Contactless Technology for Your Events

Post-pandemic, the need for contactless technology is undeniable. Mostly because of the comfort and safety that both organizers and attendees experience with hassle-free contactless in-person events. 

Here is how contactless technology is important for hosting events  

1. Seamless ticket booking and delivery 

With contactless registration, attendance, and wayfinding, contactless technology is the new normal. Switching to contactless technologies can help enhance the event experience further without compromising on safety.

2. Reduction of manual work and errors

Managing events manually is a lot of work and leaves room for error and chaos. From registering manually, and selling physical tickets to monitoring the duplicity of tickets, without a proper event technology service in place, hosting a perfect event seems like a far-fetched dream. But with the right event technology, monotonous and error-prone manual work is eliminated paving the way for a seamless event experience for both organizers and attendees.

3. Contingency planning 

The star attraction of the event canceled? An unexpected problem occurred with the venue? There can be many occasions like this where you either need to cancel or postpone the event. That is why you need to have a contingency plan ready.

The key to a robust contingency plan is communication and with event technology services you can do that easily. Suppose there is a change in venue or the timings of the event, with event technology you can seamlessly send an email to all the registered participants intimating them about the changes.

For another instance, if some unplanned people have walked down to your event and they want the tickets urgently, you can simply create additional tickets in a couple of minutes.

4. Increased personalization

One of the most common issues in large-scale events and conferences is that most attendees could not enjoy their fullest at the said event as they felt disconnected.

Contactless event technology can help organizers target event attendees and delegates to enhance their experience. Technologies like QR codes, NFC tags, and beacons can be utilized and analyzed to learn more about attendees' likes and dislikes to offer them the best experience possible.

5. Advance advertising techniques 

Currently, various advertising methods focus on delivering ads and information that are highly consumer-centric, engaging, and dynamic.

With event technology services, you make use of analytics to get insights into customer behavior and demographics. This will help you to curate creative promotional materials on social media or other offline methods. Smart tools like QR Codes, NFC, and artificial intelligence can help you generate awareness, increase traffic and promote upcoming events to enhance viewer participation.

Top Technologies for Creating a Contactless Event

Here is how you can create unforgettable and smooth event experiences using top event technology services-

1. Online registrations and check-ins

Event registration technologies offer a plethora of features and benefits - the top one being effortless registrations and check-ins. Many event management software allows users to create and customize their event registration page by adding brand logos, choice of font, color, pictures, etc.

Prospective attendees can scroll through the details of the event and register for the event in just a few clicks. What makes it even more effortless is that these pages can be fully mobile optimized, which means more convenience for users.

2. Event ticket distribution

Event technology services are all about creating contactless and convenient experiences. What can be more convenient than sending your tickets digitally to your guests? It not only eliminates the hassle of printing tickets but is a great way to store sales records.

A good event software will allow you to send tickets via email, SMS, or both of them. Guests can show these digital tickets at the entry gate and get them validated. Now your guests don't have to worry about losing or forgetting their tickets.

3. Event ticket validation

Verifying the attendant details on the ticket manually can take up a lot of time. Typically for this type of scenario, the guests have to wait for long hours leading to an underwhelming event experience. 

Validate event tickets with contactless technology

But with event management software like Ticket Generator, you can make the entire check-in process easy, touchless, and affordable. The only work you have to do is create the tickets and send them to your guests (digital or physical copies) and validate them at the venue.

But how do you validate them?

It is super easy. Each ticket will have a unique QR Code and your event coordinators can validate the tickets by simply installing the Ticket Validator app on their smartphones. While scanning the tickets, these results can pop up-

  • Valid
  • Invalid
  • Duplicate

Queue management 

Let's be real here. No one likes to wait in long queues. It takes away half of the event experience even before getting there. Digital ticketing is a great way to reduce wait times, long lines, and congested traffic.

All thanks to the QR code technology. It makes admittance so fast with guests having their tickets on their mobile phones. It hardly takes 2-4 seconds for a coordinator to validate each ticket using their smartphone.

Besides seamless queue management, contactless event technology can help you in-

1. Preventing unauthorized entry

With QR Code-based tickets, the issue of trespassers will never arise. The tickets cannot be duplicated as each QR Code has a unique ID. Once the scanning is done, the coordinator will quickly know if the ticket is valid, invalid, or duplicate.

2. Bulk generation of unique tickets

The generation of the number of tickets will depend on the grandiosity of your event. Event management tools like Ticket Generator can let you easily generate bulk tickets from hundreds to thousands in number.

1. Payment processing 

The primary goal of contactless event technology is to prevent as many interactions as possible. This starts with selling tickets online and saying no to cash sales.

Promoters have several options for collecting payments electronically. Make sure you read the fine print and acknowledge the types of fees they are charging before you start using their services. 

2. Assigned seating 

 Control chaos at your event with assigned seating arrangements

Assigned seating requires guests to sit at a designated location they select in advance. It is an excellent way to control crowds and chaos. You will often see the assigned seating map online at registration checkout.

Check out the benefits of assigned seating-

  • Reserved seating can help you track your attendance and your selected seats.
  • Promoters can identify the most popular to least popular seats and market accordingly. 

3. Tracking event performance

The more customer data is available online, the better you can understand your audience and draw valuable insights about event performance. With information such as the event attendance, peak time, and the number of tickets validated per coordinator, you can optimize your future events more efficiently.

Wrapping up

The use of contactless event technology accelerated during the pandemic. It was initially introduced as an urgent requirement for safety and concern. But even after the effects of the pandemic are gradually wearing off, event technology services have gained traction for being convenient, comfortable, and fast.

Ticket Generator is a super convenient event registration and management system that can help you organize your events with ease and comfort. Some of its key features include-

  • Event ticket validation with a unique QR code
  • Custom ticket template
  • Mobile-optimized landing page
  • Event tracking and analytics
  • Bulk ticket generation and distribution
  • Ticket validator app

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