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Custom Event Ticket: Design Your Secure Tickets in Minutes

Yashika Tangri
November 27, 2023
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You are planning on organizing an event. You could either be an individual, a professional event planner, or a marketer. And the event could be formal or informal in nature.

For example, it could be a birthday party, pre-wedding party, pool party, etc. Or it could be an official seminar, conference, workshop, etc.

So here's the deal you want to create tickets or entry passes for the same. But you do not want them to look plain and boring. You rather want to create custom event tickets.

In this article, we will tell you how to do it in detail and some of the collateral benefits that you can avail of. Keep reading to know more.

A. Ways to create custom event tickets

There are many different tools that help you design event tickets. But yet there are some that stand apart from the competition such as Ticket Generator. How?

They do not just let you make custom event tickets but also offer many collateral benefits. We'll discuss those in the next section.

Here are two ways in which you can design your tickets via Ticket Generator:

1. By using your own ready-made template

This is useful if you already have a template design ready for your tickets. Then you'd just have to use it and the tickets generated will have the rest of the event and guest details added to them.

Here's an example of what the custom ticket could look like via this design alternative:

Custom Background Design

2. By designing the ticket yourself

If you don't have a template, this is your way to go. This option helps you design your ticket from the scratch. Here, you can add:

  • Background color or image to the ticket design
  • Upload your logo
  • Add some details such as description, important notes, and refund policy
  • Variable information, which will be unique for each ticket. For example, the guest's name

B. Collateral benefits

Other than designing your tickets, here are some additional benefits that Ticket Generator offers:

1. No trespassing

Trespassing is always a menace for the event organizer and guests alike. And to stop it, your tickets can help you out.

Unlike the traditional tickets that are easy to forge with, Ticket Generator helps you create secure custom event tickets. They come with a unique QR Code. When scanned, it shows you whether it's a valid, invalid, or duplicate entry.

2. Easy to use

In case you're thinking how difficult would it be to set up the entire system, we have the answer. It's very easy. How?

Because once you create and customize the tickets, you just need to send them to the guests. It could be via email, phone, or print. When guests arrive at the venue with the tickets, you just need your smartphones to validate them.

That's right. Each one of your event coordinators will be able to authorize guest entries via their phones. No expensive hardware is needed.

3. Get easy registrations

In case you'd need people to register for the event, we've got you covered. No need to use two different tools to get registrations and create tickets.

event registration

In fact, you can also choose to approve the registrations manually or automatically. Once registration is approved, the custom ticket would be automatically created and sent to the guest digitally.

4. Event attendance and analytics

This feature helps you monitor the event data. For example, how many people turned up for the event, the peak time of ticket authorization, and the number of valid, invalid, and duplicate tickets.

This data can come in handy to optimize your events in the future.

C. How to create custom event tickets

Now is the time to create and design the tickets. Leverage the power of Ticket Generator to create amazing custom event tickets. Here is how you can proceed:

1. Create an event

a. Go to Ticket Generator and sign up for an account

You will not be asked for any credit card details while signing up. And once you're done, you'll get the first ten credits for free. Each credit will help you create one ticket

b. Now, hover on the Create Tickets option and then click on Bulk

c. Specify the event details such as description, time, and venue. Once you're done adding all the details, click on Create

Once you complete all these steps, your event will be successfully created.

2. Design tickets

After your event is set up, the next step is to craft your custom tickets. Two design options will appear on your screen:

a. Upload your own design

As discussed earlier, this one helps you use your own template design. You can use the Upload button to upload your ready-made template.

Then, you will simply have to position the ticket ID on the template as you wish.

In addition, you will also see a ?+? button on the screen. It will help you add a block for variable information on the ticket. This information will be unique for each guest. For example, name, seat number, row, etc, as all these can substantially enhance the appeal of your custom event ticket.

Note that you can add up to five such blocks on each ticket. The actual data on variable information will be taken up in the subsequent steps.
After you have finalized everything else, click Done.

b. Default design

This option would help you design the ticket from the scratch. The ticket displayed on the screen will have all the event details you specified in the first step.

On the ticket, you will see the following options for design customization:

  • Ticket background: You can either use an image or a color as the ticket's background. In case you want to go ahead with the image, you can upload it from your system or fetch it via a link. Note that the image would be needed in PNG, JPEG, or JPG formats
  • Logo: You can also add your business's logo on the ticket. It will help in your branding effort. The logo will also have to be in PNG, JPG, or JPEG formats. And the size of the logo should not be more than 5 MB
  • Event Description: It allows you to add a tagline, description, notes, or any other detail to the ticket
  • Variable information: Just like the previous design option, you can add variable information to the tickets. All you need to do is click on the ?+? icon
    You can again add up to 5 blocks with some character limits:

3. Delivery method

After designing the tickets, you need to select the delivery method. You can choose from the following alternatives:

a. Generate form link

It helps you create a registration page for the event. Once a registration is received and approved, a custom event ticket is automatically generated against it and sent to the guest. To know more about it, you can read this quick guide on the event registration feature.

b. Generate and download

This option helps you download the tickets in printable PDF format. And in case you chose to add variable information while designing the ticket, you can upload a data file here.

It would have all the details on variable information added to each ticket. You can also specify the number of tickets needed on your screen.

To know more about it, you can refer to this detailed guide on variable information.

Once you finalize everything, you can click on Generate.

c. Generate and send

Here you will have three options. The first is to directly mail the tickets to guests. You can specify up to 1,000 emails here.

The second is to send tickets via SMS. This option also helps you specify up to 1,000 phone numbers.

The third option is to send tickets via both email and SMS.

For more information, you can go through this detailed guide.

d. Generate via API

This alternative would help you integrate ticket generation into your own information system. To know how it works, here's a detailed guide on Ticket Generator API.

That's it. Your tickets will be created.

After implementing these steps, your custom event tickets will be fully created and ready for validation on the event day.

Now is the time for you to know how to validate these tickets on the day of the event.

D. Validating the tickets

Here's the final deal on how to authorize guests during the event:

1. Download the Ticket Validator app from the App Store or Play Store

2. After you install the app, log in using your credentials.

3. Next, select the event you wish the validate the entries for

4. Now click on the Scan QR Code button

That's it. You can now start scanning the tickets. The app would then show you if the tickets are valid or not.

To sum up, creating appealing yet functional custom event tickets is easy and intuitive with Ticket Generator. Stand out from the crowd and make a lasting impression on your attendees by creating custom event tickets.

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