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Entry Pass Maker: Create Secure Tickets in No Time

Yashika Tangri
November 27, 2023
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You are looking forward to organizing a party or an event. It could be formal or informal in nature. For example:

  • Annual corporate meeting
  • College graduation ceremony
  • Prom party
  • Fun-filled Halloween event
  • Grand Christmas celebration
  • New year event for a client
  • Informal events such as birthday parties and anniversary celebrations

So, you want to create guest entry passes for the same. Hence, you're looking for a suitable entry pass maker.

While there are many tools that can help you create passes, there are some that let you go a step ahead. That means besides creating passes, you can also do the following:

  • Make sure that you grant entry to only authorized guests
  • Use passes to add to your branding effort

In this article, we will discuss how you can get entry passes that help you do everything mentioned above.

A. A hassle-free entry pass maker

This article will explain how Ticket Generator can help you create entry passes. But before that, let's see what all can it offer you:

1. Get easy registrations from the guests

Since you're organizing an event, you'd need the guests to register for it. And you may want to use a registration tool for the same.

With Ticket Generation, you get this feature by default. You can create a landing page for your event by adding all the details you need. In addition, you can also specify the form fields to be filled out by the attendees.

Once you do it, the registration page will be created. You can then share it with your audience. The best thing is that you can choose if the registrations should be approved manually or automatically.

And once a registration is approved, the guests would receive their entry passes digitally. No need to send them manually. That means a single tool will help you both get registration and create passes against them.

2. Make passes that are resistant to forgery

Unwanted guests are not really quite pleasant to have at an event. And that's the whole purpose of creating passes. With them, you'd want to grant entry to only the people who are really invited.

But the problem is most passes do not really ensure that. But you can create QR Code-based passes that will solve this issue in no time.

Yes, with Ticket Generator, each pass comes with a QR Code having a unique ID in it. As event coordinators scan it, they can clearly see if the entry is valid, invalid, or duplicate. This leaves no scope for any trespassing at your event.

3. Easy to generate and distribute passes

As the famous saying goes, if a tool is not saving you time or money, you shouldn't be using it.

Many generic tools out there help you design passes one by one. That means even if you have a design template, you'd still have to individually add the name and details of each guest. Now that is pretty much of a hassle.

But with Ticket Generator, you can create passes in bulk and yet add individual details to them. No need to worry about adding guest details individually.

In addition, you do not even need to print the passes unless you really want to. It allows you to send them straight to the guests? inboxes via email, phone, or both.

4. Branded passes with design customization

No event is complete without at least a little branding. As an organizer, you'd definitely want people to know about your or your client's business.

And event passes help a great deal with it. You can add the brand's colors and logo to the passes. Or you can use your own ready-made design and add pass details (guest name, date, description, QR Code, etc.) on it.

5. Analytics on the event performance

Once the event ends, any serious marketer and event organizer would like to see the analytics. It would not only tell you how did the event go but also what improvements to make in the future.

With tools such as Ticket Generator, you can easily get data on event performance. For example:

  • How many tickets were validated
  • How many tickets did each coordinator validate
  • What was the peak time
  • What was the count of tickets that were valid, invalid, and duplicate

With such insights, you will be in a better position to optimize your events in the future.

Now that we've talked everything about smart entry passes, let's see how to create them.

B. How to generate tickets using an entry pass maker

Using Ticket Generator for a demo, given below are the steps on how you can proceed:

1. Go to Ticket Generator and sign up for free. Note that you will not be asked to enter any card details while signing up. And once you sign-up, you'll get the first ten tickets for free

2. Now, click on Create New Event option. Add event-related information such as event name, date, description, venue, and time. Once you're done, click on Create.

3. After you do this, your event will be created. Once your event is created, click on the newly created event from the Manage Events tab. Look for the Guest Tickets section and click on it.

4. Then, click on the New Ticket(s) drop-down button and select the Bulk Tickets option to generate tickets in bulk or select Single Ticket if you wish to generate a single entry pass. Use this option to bulk generate and distribute entry passes in batches. You will have two different options for generating and distributing your entry passes.

Add a design to passes

5. Next, you'll be able to add design to your tickets. And there are three different ways to do it

The first is by clicking on the Upload Own Design option. It helps you use your own template to design the passes. Using it, you can superimpose the unique ID and QR Code on the passes.

It even allows you to add variable information by clicking on the ?+? button.

The second is via the Edit Design option. It allows you to use the standard design to design passes from the scratch. Using it, you can add your logo, theme colors, or a background image to the pass.

The third is Select from template, here you will see a number of pre designed templates to choose from.

6. After you've designed the ticket, you can click on Preview to see how it looks

7. After finalizing the design, click on Done. Next, you will be able to choose the delivery method via one of the following three methods:

a. Generate form link: Using this option, you'll be able to create a landing page to get registrations. And as discussed above, after creating the form, you can share the link with your audience. They'll then receive the tickets by email on registration approval

b. Generate and Download: It allows you to create and download the tickets as printable PDFs

c. Generate and Send: It'll help you share the tickets via email, phone, or both of them

d. Generate via API: USing this alternative, you will be able to create the tickets in real-time via your own information system programmatically

8. After specifying the delivery method, you'll be abo download the tickets or send them to the guests

It's that simple! In addition, there might be instances where you'd want to create single tickets. Here's how you can do it:

C. Single tickets for emergencies

In case some people walk down the venue at the last minute and you want to give them the passes too, here's how you'll be able to do it:

a. Login to your Ticket Generator account

b. From the dashboard, click on the event for which you want to create these tickets.

c. Now, click on Guest Tickets tab.

d. Here, click on New Ticket(s) drop-down and select the Single Ticket option select the delivery method Download Ticket and Send Ticket as per your choice

e. Once selected, click Generate & Download (in case of Download Ticket) or click Generate & Send (in case of Send Ticket)

That's it. A new single ticket will be generated.

Using the same Guest Tickets tab, you'll also be able to find and resend the tickets to guests. This comes in handy if any guest didn't receive the pass the first time.

D. Validate passes and monitor analytics

You can even appoint your team members as coordinators to validate the passes quickly. Here's how:

1. From your Ticket Generator account, go to the Manage Event section

2. Select the event to wish to validate the tickets for. Here, you need to click on More

Note that on the same page, you'll also see the option called Attendance Analytics

3. After clicking on More, click Add/Edit Coordinator

4. Next, you can add the email address of desired people you want to add as coordinators. They'll then receive the required invitation

5. Then, they'll have to install the Ticket Validator app to validate the passes via App Store or Play Store

6. After downloading and logging into the app, they can select the event. And then they need to click on Scan QR Code to get started

That's it. If you're still reading, you know everything about entry pass maker. You can now go ahead and get started with it.

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