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Event Registration

Event Registration: Tech-Savvy Way to Automate

Yashika Tangri
November 27, 2023
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Are you planning on organizing an event. It could be a seminar, workshop, sports festival, music concert, or any such event.

Then you'd like the guests to register for it. After all, attendees are whom the events are organized for. So you're looking for a tool that makes it easier for you to get people to register for your event.

In this article, we'll discuss about an event registration tool that does not only help you get registrations but also generate event tickets for guests automatically. Keep reading to know more.

A. Event registration: a brief

An event registration tool must allow you to get your audience to register seamlessly. And that's not where it must end. It should even go ahead to minimize the effort you put in after getting the registrations.

That means, once you get the registrations, you'd need to create entry tickets or passes for the guests. And this would need you to head on to a ticket generation tool. Now this will mean putting in both extra time and effort.

Hence, you must find a tool that helps you do it all in one single place. Introducing you Ticket Generator.

To make it easier for you, here's a quick video to give you a snapshot of what Ticket Generator can do:

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Now you know it is an e-ticket generator that allows you to create secure event tickets. But that's not all. It also offers you the easiest way to get event registrations. Here's how it works:

1. You specify the event details to create an event with the tool

2. Next, you generate a registration link for the event. While doing so, you choose if you'd like to approve the registrations manually or automatically

3. You then go ahead to put this tool on your promotional material and website to get registrations

4. As users register for the event, they receive the event ticket automatically once the registration is approved

That sounds pretty simple, right?

B. Benefits of event registration feature

1. Creates a custom mobile-optimized landing page

The registration form should do more than simply getting people to register. It should also contribute to your branding effort by allowing you to customize the landing page that users would see.

Hence, make sure your registration tool allows you to customize landing by adding various details. For example, description box, banner images, register button, and form fields.

This way, you'll be able to deliver your guests a premium web experience even if you don't have a website. Exciting, right?

2. Contactless

Ever since the pandemic, people prefer social distancing and contactless arrangements for public dealings. And event registration can help you reduce the possibility of disease spread.

You can encode the event registration form link into the Website URL QR Code and place it on promotional materials.

When scanned, this will take your guests directly to the form where they can fill it. Once they do it, they will automatically receive the ticket.

Or you can even add this link to your digital promotions.

In addition, you may also like to choose a service provider who offers digital alternatives to send the tickets to guests. It could be via email or SMS, or both.

3. Sustainable and scalable solution

Generating and sending tickets to the recipients consumes a lot of time. While Ticket Generator does it for you, you can utilize your time to work on other arrangements.

In addition, you can get as many registrations as you want without worrying about any limitations.

4. Offers an economical choice

The event registration feature can even reduce your operational costs. You only need to pay for the tickets that you create. No subscription fees or set-up costs are required. Also, the cost per ticket goes down with the number of tickets.

5. Delivers a quick and simple process

The user journey is simple for both the event organizer and the attendees here.

As an organizer, you only need to mention event details, specify ticket design, and generate a registration link.

And the guests will simply have to click on the link to access the registration form, fill it, and get the ticket.

A win-win situation for both the stakeholders alike.

C. Benefits beyond getting registrations

1. Secure entries

You'll certainly not want any unauthorized guests to enter the event. It will not only put event security at risk but also cause you a loss of business.

Hence, the tool must ensure that only authorized guests are allowed to the event. For example, Ticket Generate helps you create tickets that come with a unique QR Code for each guest.

When a coordinator scans this QR Code, she can see if it's a valid entry or not. Here's a snapshot of what you'll see on scanning a ticket:

This, hence, leaves no scope for duplication or forgery of tickets.

2. Event tracking

You know the importance of event performance analytics. It helps you know how your event performed and what are the areas of improvement. This analytical data could be:

  • Event's time and duration
  • Total number of guests who attended the event
  • Count of valid, invalid, and duplicate tickets
  • Re-entries allowed
  • Tickets validated per coordinator

With this data, you can better plan your future events accordingly.

3. Custom tickets

Gone are the days when tickets were used for entry purposes only. Now they can do much more than that. They can help you reinforce your branding among your target audience. How? Via custom design tickets.

These tickets easily blend with the theme of your event. That means you can add your brand's color and image to them.

D. How to generate tickets via the event registration feature

Now that you know how event registration is a useful tool, let's see how you can proceed ahead.

Using Ticket Generator for demo purposes, here's how you can move ahead:

1. Go to Ticket Generator and sign-up

Note that you'll not have to enter your card details. Also, you'll get the first 10 ticket credits for free on completing the sign-up process. Each credit will help you generate one ticket.

2. Now, from the dashboard, click on Create New Event option.

Create event

3. Add event-related information such as event name, date, description, venue, and time. Once you're done, click on Create.

Design tickets

4. Next, you can specify the ticket design. Here, you can either go with the Upload Own Design option or select a pre-designed template from a number of templates. Ticket Generator offers option to design the tickets from scratch as well.

5. Upload Own Design: This option allows you to design your ticket using your own ready-made design template. You can also click on the + icon to add variable information that will be unique for each ticket such as guest name, seat number, etc.

6. Or you can also choose the Edit Design option. Here, you can use the Ticket Generator's standard design to create tickets from the scratch. It gives you the option to add a logo, change the background color, or add a background image to your ticket.

If you don't want to design the entire ticket but you still want to give it a fancy look, this option is right for you. Simply click on Choose from templates option to access this feature.

Once clicked, you will see a number of pre designed templates to choose from.

In case, you want to learn more about ticket designs, here is a quick guide to help you out.

Delivery method

7. From the Delivery Methods on your screen, select Generate Form Link option

8. On the page that loads, you'll be able to design the registration page. You can do it by adding images, event description, details, specifying the form fields, and customizing the button text

Once you're done customizing the page, click Done Editing.

9. Now you can choose if you'd want the registrations to be approved manually or automatically

Note that once the registration has been approved, the ticket will be sent to the recipient automatically. Also, if you want to cap the number of registrations, you can mention the same under the Registration Limit.

10. Once you're done, click on Update Settings

11. You'll then be taken to the Registrations page. Here, select the event from the dropdown menu

12. Next, you can test the registration process using the Test Registration Link. Note that no ticket credits will be spent using this link

Once you're done testing, you can copy the Live URL to get registrations.

Note that for each registration approved and ticket generated, you'll spend one ticket credit.

That's it. That is how you can use the event registration feature to make your event better.

E. Monitoring the registrations

Now you need to know how you can monitor the registrations? Well, you can do it via this Registrations Table. Here's how:

  • Guests who submit the form will show up at this table
  • You'll be able to see details such as approval status, guest email and mobile number, actions, and ticket status
  • In the same option, you'll even see the option to approve or reject registration (if you choose to approve the registrations manually)

Depending upon your action, the event ticket will be generated and sent to the guest via email, SMS, or both.

That's it. That is how the entire event registration process works.

F. How to validate tickets

Now that your guests have received the tickets, let's see how you can validate them at the entry gate.

To do it, you'll first have to add coordinators for the event within the Ticket Generator. Once you do it, they'll be authorized to validate the tickets. Here's how to do it:

1. From the dashboard, go to the Manage Event section

2. Select the required event and click on three horizontal dots under the More option

3. Now click on Add/Edit Coordinator

Here, you can specify the email address of each coordinator. Once you do it, the coordinators will receive an email invitation. They can then use it to log into the Ticket Validator app on their phones.

4. Next, they'll have to install the app on their smartphones via Google Play Store or App Store and login

5. Now, they need to select the event they need to validate tickets for. They can then click on Scan QR Code and get started with validating the tickets by scanning the unique QR Code on each ticket

Doing this will tell them if it's a valid, duplicate, or invalid ticket.

That's it. That is how your event management team can validate entries.

This is all you need to know about event registrations. You can now create your own event registration form and guide your guests for a seamless experience.

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