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Create Summer Event Tickets: An In-Depth Step-By-Step Guide

You are probably going to organize a summer event. It may be a pool party, karaoke night, party, or any other event to celebrate the summer. And you would like to confirm a safe experience for your attendees due to COVID-19.

Plus, you do not want any trespassers at your event. This could put your attendees and the event in danger.

Hence, you want to ensure only valid entries to your event via contactless means.

To make it a reality, you’ll be able to take leverage of contactless event technology. This technology not only limits human contact but also ensures their security.

In this article, we’ll discuss how you’ll be able to create secure summer event tickets while ensuring contactless arrangements. Keep reading to understand more.

A. Various benefits that summer event tickets can offer

You’d need a tool such as Ticket Generator to not only facilitate ticket generation but a lot more. Here are all the advantages that you must seek:

1. Scalable and hassle-free generation of tickets

Summer events are always graced with many attendees. So it’s likely that you’ll need multiple tickets. And since the number could be huge, you wouldn’t want to make them one by one. So, you’re like a tool that enables you to create the tickets in bulk.

But what if you want to add each guest’s unique information such as name and seat number on the ticket? How will that be possible for bulk operations?

Don’t worry, tools like Ticket Generator can facilitate your try this easily. you’ll be able to create multiple tickets in bulk while being able to feature unique information to them.

This would save you plenty of time and effort.

2. Get event registrations

You usually use different tools for different processes such as ticket generation and event registration. Well, not anymore! Ticket Generator allows you to get event registrations while creating tickets against them automatically.

For every registration you get, it allows you to approve the entry and create the ticket automatically. The ticket is then sent to the required guest in no time. That means a one-stop solution for your problems.

3. Ticket distribution

Along with seamless ticket generation, you’d want convenient ticket distribution options.

Hence, your tool must allow you to download the tickets in printable PDF format. And if you’d prefer to send them via contactless means, it should facilitate that too. How? By allowing you to send the tickets to the guests via mail and SMS.

The guests will simply have to show the tickets on their phones at the entry gate, get them validated, and enter the venue.

4. Secure validation process

Say your guests have received the tickets and will arrive at the venue on the required date. Here, they’ll be greeted by the event coordinators who will validate the tickets by manually verifying guest details. Once they approve, guests will get the entry.

But here’s the problem—this may be a tedious and time-consuming process. Moreover, it does not guarantee the prevention of duplication of tickets.

However, tools like Ticket Generator can help you out.

Each ticket generated via Ticket Generator comes with a unique QR Code. This QR Code features a unique ID encoded.

And all an event coordinator needs to do is to—install the Ticket Validator app to scan this QR Code. Doing this will reveal whether it’s a valid, invalid, or duplicate ticket. Here’s what they’ll see:

Ticket Validation

This, therefore, leaves no room for any duplicate or unauthorized entries to your event.

5. Queue management 

Amidst the pandemic, people prefer to avoid human contact (as much as possible). Hence, you’d not like long queues to assemble at the entry gate.

Moreover, it’ll also ensure a good experience for the guests. After all, nobody likes to keep waiting in queues.

And Ticket Generator can facilitate this process. How?

As mentioned above, this tool generates QR Code-based tickets. And QR Codes are known for their rapid scanning abilities. Hence, it doesn’t take quite 2-3 seconds to scan and validate a ticket.

And the shorter the validation time, the smaller the queues are going to be. This implies a secure and better experience for the guests.

To make it even faster and more convenient, you’ll be able to appoint your team members as event coordinators. This will help speed up the whole process of guest entry validation.

6. Tracking event performance

Tracking event performance helps you draw valuable insights about event performance. This includes information such as the event attendance, peak time, and also the number of tickets validated per coordinator.

With this data, you can optimize your future summer events more efficiently.

C. How to create summer event tickets

As mentioned, an online professional ticket generator service such as Ticket Generator can help you create QR Code-based summer event tickets. Here’s how:

1. Generate tickets for your guests

a. Go to Ticket Generator and sign up to create an account

Note that you’ll get ten credits for free when you sign up. And each credit helps you create one ticket. Also, you’ll not have to enter the card details while signing up.

b. Once you’ve signed up, go to the Create Event section on the dashboard followed by clicking on the Bulk button. Here, you’ll have to create an event by adding details such as event description, time zone, and venue

Create an event

Once you’ve entered all the details, click Create.

Select the design

c. After creating the event, you’ll be asked to design the tickets. Here you can either go with the Upload Own Design option or select the Default Design option

Upload Own Design: Here, you can design your ticket using your own ready-made design template.

upload own ticket design

It helps you superimpose the QR Code and unique ID on the ticket. In addition, it also helps add variable information (which would be different for each ticket) by clicking on the + button. It could be the guest’s name, row number, seat number, etc. 

Here’s an example of a ticket created using a readymade template:

Upload own design: Ticket Generator

Default Design: Here, you can use the Ticket Generator?s standard design to customize your tickets. You can add a logo, change the background color, or add a background image to your ticket.

Default design: Ticket Generator

Once you’re done with the design, you can click on Preview to see how your ticket design looks.

Choose the delivery method

d. Now that you’ve finalized the design, click on Done. You’ll be asked to specify the Delivery method. Here, you can choose how to distribute your tickets to the guests. You’ll see the following three options to choose from:

i. Generate Form Link: This option allows you to create your very own event registration page. You can do it by adding images, event description, details, specifying the form fields, and customizing the button text

ii. Generate and Download: Here, you can generate and download the tickets in a printable format (PDF)

iii. Generate and send: Here, you will further need to choose from the following three options:

a. Send tickets by email only: It allows you to email the tickets to the guests. Here you can specify up to 1,000 emails. You can add the emails in a CSV, XLS, or XLSX file and upload them. Or you can even manually type the emails in the given fields

b. Send tickets by SMS only: Here, you can send tickets to your guests via SMS. You can specify up to 1,000 phone numbers

c. Send tickets by both email and SMS: In this option, you can send tickets both by SMS and email to your guests

iv. Generate via API: In this option, you can integrate your own registration system with the Ticket Generator API. This will allow you to generate tickets programmatically in real time. For more information, you can refer to this detailed guide on Ticket Generator API

e. Once you specify all the details, click on Generate. All the tickets will be generated and you’ll be notified via email

That’s it. That is how you can generate summer event tickets in bulk.

2. Generate single tickets for contingencies

Ticket Generator also allows you to generate and distribute single tickets to the guests. It is useful in two ways:

a. Having unplanned guests at the last moment

Say you are the summer event and have created the tickets for all the attendees. But at the last moment, some guests walk into your event. And they want tickets for it.

Now rather than generating a whole batch of tickets again, you can simply create additional tickets quickly. Here’s how:

i. Login to Ticket Generator

Single Ticket

ii. From the dashboard, click on Create Tickets followed by clicking on the Single button 

iii. Here, select the appropriate event  and click on New ticket under Choose Action section

iv. Now, you’ll be asked to select the delivery method—Download Ticket and Send Ticket as per your choice

The Download Ticket option allows you to generate and download the ticket. On the other hand, the Send Ticket option helps you send the ticket to the guest via email ID or phone number

v. Once you’ve selected the delivery method, click Generate & Download (in case of Download Ticket) or click Generate & Send (in case of Send Ticket)

New ticket

That’s it. A new single ticket will be generated.

Note that you’ll need one credit for each extra ticket you create.

b. Resending the tickets

Say you had sent the tickets to your guests via email or phone. But somehow, some of them didn’t receive the tickets. Here again, Ticket Generator can help resend the event tickets to guests. Here’s how:

i. Login to Ticket Generator

ii. Go to the dashboard and click on Create Tickets followed by clicking on the Single button 

iii. Now select the event for which you want to resend tickets 

iv. Under the Choose Action section, click on Resend Ticket

v. Now, you’ll have to specify your preferred mode of searching for the guest’s ticket. You can use the ticket ID to do it. Alternatively, you can also use the guest’s email address or phone number which you entered while creating the tickets

vi. Once you’ve entered these details, click Search. Now, you will see the ticket details

vii. Click on View and you’ll be asked to specify the guest’s email ID or phone number. After submitting these details, click Resend

Resend Ticket

Note that you’ll not be charged extra for resending the tickets.

Now, let’s move ahead to detail how you can validate these tickets.

D. How to validate tickets

Event organizers can validate the ticket to know if it’s a valid, duplicate, or invalid entry. 

To do it, you’ll first have to add coordinators for the event within the Ticket Generator. Once you do it, they’ll get authorized to validate the tickets. Here’s how to do it:

1. Go to the Manage Event section from the dashboard

Manage event

2. Select the required event and click on three horizontal dots under the More option

3. Now click on Add/Edit Coordinator

Here, you can specify the email address of each coordinator. The coordinators will then receive an email invitation using which will have to log in to the Ticket Validator app on their phones

4. Next, they can install the app on their smartphones via Google Play Store or App Store and log in

5. Now they can open the app to select the event they need to validate tickets for. They can then click on Scan QR Code and get started with validating the tickets

That’s it. That is all you need to know about summer event tickets. From creating the tickets and distributing them to validating entries and monitoring analytics, it’s an easy and effective method. Thus, your guests can enjoy the event without any delay and hassle.

Summer Event Tickets

Ensure guest safety and hassle-free experience
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