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Event Marketing with QR Code: Quick Start in 5 Minutes

Yashika Tangri
November 21, 2023
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Remember the times when events were conducted online? Although the global pandemic has abated, event marketing via QR Code technology still rules the roost!

Event marketing has evolved beyond traditional methods to create engaging experiences.

The humble QR Codes are among the innovative tools that have gained significant momentum. They've become a powerful asset in event marketing, bridging physical and digital realms.

They help attendees unlock curated content, exclusive offers, and interactive experiences with a simple scan.

So, let's discover the possibilities that QR Codes bring to the world of event marketing.

A. What is event marketing via QR Code

Event QR Codes provide instant access to event info by offering an interactive experience for attendees.

They enhance engagement by facilitating easy participation in contests, surveys, giveaways, and more. 

They even help you gain insights into attendee behavior and campaign success.

In a nutshell, QR Codes can be used for any promotional or operational use cases for event marketing. 

While promotional use cases could be authorizing guest entires with QR Codes, a promotional use case could be getting them to register for the event via QR Code.

B. Why are QR Codes used in events?

You probably know what a QR Code is. But do you know why is it used in the events?

QR Codes help direct people from print media to digital content. 

They can be incorporated into

That's why event planners are increasingly embracing QR Codes. By using QR Codes, attendees can easily gather information. 

Say, you want to generate hype about your event. So how will you go on to do it?

You can place event marketing QR Codes on your promotional materials. 

Scanning the QR Code can lead potential attendees to a landing page with event details and more. It will create anticipation and encourage attendance.

The possibilities of bridging the gap between offline and online experiences are virtually limitless.

There are many more use cases of event marketing QR Codes. Read the next section to know more!

C. Use case of QR Codes in events

Let's see five innovative ways QR Code technology can make event marketing better.

1. QR Codes on tickets

To enhance the overall event experience for the guests, you can use QR Codes for: 

  • Efficient entry management system
  • Enhanced security
  • Contactless check-in
  • Real-time attendance tracking
  • Personalized experience
  • Access to event information
  • Measure post-event engagement

Wondering how? Here's an amazing tool called Ticket Generator that gives you access to all these features and more. And fret not! It's not a new player. In fact, many event managers regularly use it to manage event ticketing, registrations, and sales.

2. On print media

QR Codes on print media make it actionable and trackable.

They offer many advantages such as:

3. For event invitations

As an event organizer, QR Codes on your invitations can be a valuable strategy. How?

These are called Event QR Codes. When you create one, you get to design a mobile landing page dedicated to your event..

An Event QR Code provides numerous benefits:

On the landing page you design, you can add the event information, marketing materials, payment/booking links etc.

And for the end-users, they get to access all these information with just a simple scan from their smartphones.

4. Info regarding venue seating

QR Codes provide a convenient solution to guide event attendees and enhance their experience even in stadiums.

You can create interactive and educational experiences for guests through seating charts and essential event details.

Include details about amenities like restrooms and food vendors. It will help people familiarize themselves with the event layout and key locations in advance.

5. To facilitate payments

QR Codes can help simplify the payment process. Organizers can offer convenient and efficient payment method for attendees. 

This can help in:

  • Cashless transactions
  • Mobile wallet integration
  • Ticket and payment integration
  • Faster transaction processing
  • Trackable payment data
  • Enhanced security

D. Advantages of using QR Codes in event marketing

1. Market your event easily

One significant limitation of print marketing is the constrained space available. 

Although a poster can include essential event details, it becomes challenging to include everything.

By using QR Codes, you can easily add as much information as you want. It could be images and text. In addition, you can also add a video, clickable weblinks, maps location, and a lot more.

Also, by using QR Codes, you get to provide an interactive experience to the audience.

2. Provide event details in one place

Users can just scan the QR Code to access event-related information. Also, they can save the link and scan the QR Code later to retrieve the information. 

As an event organizer, it is important to have an error-free QR Code. Prioritize verifying the details before embedding them in the QR Code.

3. Edit QR Code's content

One thing to know about Event QR Codes is that they are generally dynamic in nature.

Dynamic QR Codes offer several benefits, such as:

  • Flexibility: Dynamic QR Codes can be edited and updated with new information. It provides real-time adjustments and ensuring up-to-date content
  • Tracking and Analytics: Dynamic QR Codes offer built-in tracking and analytics. This data analysis gives you insights for improving QR Code campaigns
  • Increased Security: Some advanced QR Code generation tools such as Scanova offer enhanced security for dynamic QR Codes.

    Password protection in QR codes is essential for 
  • Safeguarding sensitive data
  • Controlling access, and 
  • Maintaining confidentiality

It prevents unauthorized scanning and ensures only authorized individuals can access the information.

By using Scanova's QR Code Generator, you can personalize your dynamic QR Code according to your preferred metrics.

4. Get access to real-time metrics

Scanova's QR Code Generator will present you with real-time metrics of the scans. These metrics include the number of scans, location, date, time of the scan, and even the device used for scanning. 

The data can help you modify your campaign according to the marketing objective.

Moreover, you can rectify any errors in your event campaign without generating a new QR Code. 

5. Customization

One notable advantage of QR Codes is their ability to be customized. They are also visually appealing, setting them apart from barcodes. 

Event organizers have the flexibility to personalize their Event QR Codes with:

  • Brand colors
  • Icons
  • Logos
  • Background images
  • Frames
  • Calls-to-action (CTAs), and much more 

This customization allows for a visually appealing and engaging representation of the event, making the QR Code stand out and capture attention.

E. Real-life use cases of QR Codes in events

There are many events that have used QR Code technology for event marketing. It helped them pique user interest and engagement.

Here are some examples.

1. The real races never quit

As floods in Italy affected Emilia Romagna Grand Prix in May 2023, F1 drivers united to help the victims.

Max Verstappen, a famous F1 driver, hosted a sim racing event. Other F1 drivers like Lando Norris, and Formula E drivers also contributed to this event.

A QR Code for donation and link was broadcasted throughout the live stream. This made it easier for the audience to contribute towards the relief fund.

2. Burning man

Most of you would be familiar with the burning man festival, right?

For the uninitiated, Burning Man is an annual festival that takes place in the Black Rock Desert of Nevada, United States.

QR Codes are used on each of this event's entry tickets. Also, vehicles coming and going throughout the week are tracked using these codes. 

For communication, event organizers use a microwave link to connect their computer systems to the internet.

3. Fast track to PC game pass challenge

In May 2022, Microsoft collaborated with the BWT Alpine F1 team to introduce the Fast Track to PC Game Pass Challenge.

BWT Alpine F1 built anticipation for the Fast Track to PC Game Pass Challenge via social media posts having QR Codes. 

These QR Codes were showcased on the liveries of their Alpine A522 F1 car.

Starting from the first practice session, users could locate the cars and scan these QR Codes. This event catered to both TV viewers and attendees present at the circuit.

On successful scanning, they gained access to Microsoft's Game Pass. Thus, having keen eyes and quick reflexes proved to be rewarding in this endeavor.

F. Best practices for event marketing QR Code

While using QR Codes for event marketing, you must make a strong impression, right?

Here are some recommendations you can follow for maximizing the effectiveness of QR Codes in event marketing.

1. Clearly convey the QR Code's purpose and user expectations with concise messages. To do so, make sure you use CTAs such as "Scan to Register" or "Scan for Event Details."

2. Optimize the landing page or URL linked to the QR Code for mobile devices. It'll facilitate easy access to the required information on the landing page

For example, event details, registration forms, or special offers. If you don't do it, the landing page will not load properly leading to a bad user experience 

3. Test the QR Codes on various devices and scanning apps. This will ensure maximum compatibility, ideal size, and good visibility

4. Strategically display QR Codes in high-traffic areas for maximum visibility. Use event banners, posters, invitations, brochures, or digital advertisements

5. Offer incentives or exclusive content for scanning QR Codes

6. Opt for a QR Code generator with analytics to track scans, conversion rates, and relevant data. This helps asses the success of the QR Code campaign and make future improvements

7. Customize QR Codes to match your event's branding while maintaining scannability and functionality.

8. Choose a QR Code generator with high strong error correction

9. Provide scanning instructions by using clear signage or including a brief description near the QR Code. This way, users can easily access the information

10. Perform A/B testing to find the most effective QR Code design and placement

Summing Up

Adding QR Codes into your event marketing strategy can greatly enhance your reach and engagement with attendees. 

By following best practices, you can maximize the effectiveness of QR Codes in promoting your event.

QR Codes are valuable tools, but their effectiveness depends on your event promotion strategy and the value you provide through the scanning experience. 

Delivering a seamless and rewarding user experience enhances attendee engagement, increases registrations, and drives event success. 

If you're still reading, you've learned everything about Event Marketing QR Code. If you have any questions, let us know in the comments!

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