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Event Security

How Events Can Use Online Ticketing Technology to Secure Entry

Yashika Tangri
November 27, 2023
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The issue of event security has become more complex. Poor security and ineffective emergency responses increase the likelihood of catastrophic attacks, property damages, and physical injuries. The role of online event ticketing systems cannot be overstated in today's event planning landscape.

These challenges are why event planners need to use an online ticketing system for events. Their aim is to account for all attendees. This way, they can avoid unnecessary commotion, not to mention the loss of revenue due to counterfeit tickets. A CNBC report indicates that about 12% dupe of individuals into buying fake event tickets every year.

With an online event ticketing system, event planners can track which attendees have arrived. They can also know who is still expected, thereby preventing access to unauthorized individuals and ensuring comprehensive event security. Outlined in this article are essential tips that event planners can use to take advantage of an online ticketing technology. This is to ensure secure entry and achieve a safe and successful event.

1. Enable QR Codes to event tickets

Perhaps the most significant factor of securing and speeding an event’s entry process is through enabling quick-response (QR) Codes to tickets. 

Virtual ticketing solutions, powered by QR Codes, can help event ticketing companies and organizers prevent fraudulent activity while monitoring attendee arrivals effectively.

Other than that, you can also use it as a powerful data analysis tool. That enables you to learn more about your guests from the moment they purchase their tickets online until they leave the event. This way, you become more aware of buying patterns and attendance times. Besides, you also get data on other attendees’ behaviors. This is incredibly beneficial for providing better services and concentrating on future marketing efforts.

2. Take advantage of RFID technology

Besides QR Codes, using radio-frequency identification (RFID) technology may also help prevent unwanted entries and ensure verification. Dissimilar to other security technologies, RFID offers more possibilities to fine-tune the match between credentials and access. This is because it easily lights up green upon entry approval and red when it’s the opposite.

Moreover, RFID technology provides you with real-time insights into how attendees are moving through events. This can help you make the necessary adjustments to accommodate them immediately. As a bonus, you can also use RFID to allow attendees to pay for food, drinks, and merchandise. Guests can simply do this their wristbands rather than cash or credit cards.

3. Add auto-confirmation capabilities

Auto-confirmation capabilities are a beneficial business tool that can help enhance customer satisfaction, increase revenue, and enable you to build a reliable name for your brand. It also lets you reduce no-shows and provide you with an approximate headcount for the event as attendees can choose to confirm their attendance immediately through email.

This is incredibly helpful in ensuring better security and access control during the event. This is because it prevents long queues for ticket processing, which usually takes time depending on the number of attendees. Furthermore, it can also provide you with the list attendees. This allows you to easily send post-event information through email.

4. Add reference numbers to tickets

A cost-effective way to ensure a secure event entry is by adding unique reference numbers to tickets for verification. While they are not as safe as using QR codes RFID technology, reference numbers can help someone who does not own a smartphone or cannot print their ticket.

Instead of missing your event, they can state their reference number at the entrance to verify their identity. More often than not, all advanced ticket sales made on an online ticketing system are linked to a name; therefore, a buyer can enter the event by stating the reference code that the ticket is registered.

5. Use event apps

Event management apps can help tighten the venue’s security measures as it lets you communicate and provide information to all your attendees instantly. Technically, you can use an event app to manage traffic and send push notifications for emergency bulletins or include emergency procedures data about safety and security.

In most cases, the event management software includes a separate password-protected module for event staff with more in-depth information about spotting suspicious individuals or packages and information about evacuation routes. Alternatively, you can also send tickets to your attendees through the app, making it easier for them to get online ticket sales with lowest fees while simultaneously preventing the danger of them losing their gate passes.

Getting started with online ticketing technology

There has never been a more prudent time to emphasize the vital role security solutions play in keeping events secure and enjoyable for delegates. Adopting an online ticketing technology simplifies all tasks related to event management because it eliminates data entry errors, reduces the overall costs of an event, and, more importantly, ensures security.

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