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How to Protect Your Event from Counterfeit Tickets? The Only Guide You Need

Yashika Tangri
November 21, 2023
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Do you have an upcoming event that fans are eager to attend that they are eager to get tickets for?

As exciting as it sounds, this often attracts the attention of ticket scalpers and counterfeiters, who see it as a golden opportunity to sell fake tickets that look deceptively genuine.

As an event organizer, you are responsible for ensuring that every ticket buyer can attend your event. You don't just want anyone to walk in and claim they have a ticket, so how do you protect yourself against counterfeiters?

That's why we put this guide together. It will give you all the information about counterfeit tickets and how to prevent them.

Let's get started.

A. What are counterfeit tickets?

Counterfeit tickets are fraudulent replicas of genuine event tickets, touted as the real thing to unsuspecting buyers. These illegitimate tickets come in many forms, whether mimicking printed e-tickets or hard copies, which one might acquire at official ticket booths. 

They can be used to access events or even sold as such. Discerning their authenticity can be challenging, particularly when the replicas are sophisticated. 

Determining whether a ticket is counterfeit often involves examining design inconsistencies, color deviations in the event logo, printing quality, or mistakes in event details such as date, time, or location. If it's an e-ticket,

B. How to prevent ticketing fraud at your event?

Though counterfeit tickets may be challenging to detect, there are ways to prevent ticketing fraud. Here are some tips for reducing the risk of ticketing fraud:

1. Implement advanced ticketing technologies

Modern advanced ticketing systems use various security features to safeguard against duplication or imitation. These systems utilize unique barcodes or QR Codes for each ticket—an effective deterrent to counterfeiting.

When an attendee comes to your event, their ticket's barcode or QR Code is scanned. The scanner, linked to your ticketing system, quickly verifies whether the ticket is genuine or not. This real-time verification is difficult for fraudsters to bypass, helping protect your event from counterfeit tickets.

 ticket with QR code

If a ticket fails verification, it signifies that it is either fake or has been replicated using a genuine ticket's barcode or QR Code. In either case, the fraudulent ticket can be instantly nullified, protecting your event and genuine attendees.

With Ticket Generator, you can create tickets with QR Codes for real-time verification. This is a great way to protect your event from counterfeit tickets and the unauthorized reselling of tickets on secondary markets.

2. Authenticate your tickets

When it comes to physical tickets, adding visible elements that are tricky to replicate can be a highly effective anti-counterfeit strategy. Techniques used in banknote printing, such as holography and watermarked paper, can translate well to ticket authentication.

Authentication techniques like these deter fraudsters and aid any staff checking tickets. It provides them with straightforward and fast methods to spot suspect tickets, making your event safer and more secure.

3. Limit print-at-home tickets

Print-at-home tickets may be convenient, but they are also susceptible to fraud, as they are easily duplicated. Limiting or completely avoiding print-at-home tickets can reduce the risk of counterfeits. 

Instead, consider adopting mobile ticketing technology, which offers greater security and is much harder to replicate since it involves digital authentication methods.

Mobile ticketing also benefits attendees by allowing them access to their tickets through their smartphones. This eliminates the need for physical copies and makes ticketing more efficient and environmentally friendly.

4. Partner with registered sellers

To help prevent fraud, distribute your tickets through registered and recognized platforms. Partnering with reputable platforms reassures buyers that their purchases are legitimate and helps eliminate unauthorized sellers producing counterfeit tickets.

With Ticket Generator, you can distribute your tickets to customers quickly and securely. You can create and share your tickets in multiple formats, making it easy for customers to access them on any device. 

You can also track all ticket sales with our complete analytics system, allowing you to monitor how many tickets have been sold and which are still available.

5. Monitor ticket sales regularly

By regularly monitoring your ticket sales and secondary market platforms, you can identify irregularities or suspicious activities. Keeping a close eye on sales helps detect potential fraud early on.

Utilize automated systems or data analysis tools to stay informed about ticket sales patterns and promptly address any discrepancies. This ongoing monitoring protects your event from fraud and helps maintain the trust and satisfaction of your attendees.

C. Top 3 best practices to upgrade event security

Alongside the aforementioned strategies, some effective best practices can further amplify the security of your ticketing process and maximize the prevention of fraudulent activities.

1. Scan tickets at the entrance

This is one of the most effective ways to prevent ticket fraud. Scanning tickets at the entrance helps confirm that each attendee has a valid ticket and can gain access to the event. This also eliminates fears of counterfeit tickets being passed off as real ones by dishonest individuals, ensuring that only those who have paid for their tickets can enter.

Scanning tickets

You can do this with the Ticket Generator mobile app. You don't have to spend much money on hardware or software. You can simply use a smartphone to scan your attendees' tickets and check them into the event. 

Have the app generate a QR Code that you can apply directly to your ticket's design so that it doesn't take away from its aesthetic appeal while still providing an effective scanning option for all those who attend your events.

2. Publicly reveal the approved ticket seller list

Ticket counterfeit prevention strategiesÂ

Clearly communicate the list of approved ticket sellers online and offline via your event website or other channels. Maintaining a public list of authorized sellers makes it easier for attendees to identify and avoid purchasing from unauthorized sources.

This also helps to ensure that attendees do not accidentally purchase counterfeit tickets from third-party resellers.

3. Introduce ticket personalization

Integrate ticket personalization and customization into your ticketing process by requiring buyers to provide their names and contact information. Each ticket can be automatically personalized with the buyer's name, making it more difficult for fraudsters to sell or create counterfeits anonymously.

D. How to create and share secured tickets?

A secured ticket is a ticket that has been linked to the buyer's name and contact information. It can be used as proof of purchase but cannot be resold or transferred to another person. To create a secured ticket, start designing it with Ticket Generator.

Here's the step by step process to send your first secured ticket:

Step 1: Sign up and create an event

Deck the first stage of your secured ticket generation by signing up for an account on Ticket Generator. Navigate to the Create New Events option from the menu bar. Fill in all the event-related details like description, venue, and time.

Step 2: Captivate with design

Now that your event is set up, it's time to give your tickets an authentic touch. Ticket Generator offers two enticing ways to design your tickets:

  • Upload your own design: Choose this path to use your ready-made design as a ticket template. After uploading, you can position the ticket ID wherever you like on the passes. Also, feel free to personalize each ticket by adding unique details, such as the attendee's name, row, seat number, etc.
  • Default design option: For those who don't have a ready-made design, fret not! You can design the passes from scratch using this option. Customize your tickets with venue details, a business logo, and a catchy background. Sprinkle variable information across your tickets by clicking on the + icon.
  • Choose from templates: If you don't want to design the entire ticket but you still want to give it a fancy look, this option is right for you. Simply click on Choose from templates option to access this feature.

Step 3: Creating a safeguard

For a secured ticket, tether the ticket to the buyer's name and contact information. By linking these essential details, you ensure the ticket is unique to each audience member, making it harder to resell or transfer.

Step 4: Dispatching the secured tickets

Once the tickets are meticulously designed and firmly secured, share them with your eager attendees. You can share your ticket via email, social media, and more to ensure your audience members receive their tickets promptly.

Following this process for secure and personalized ticket generation will create a unique experience for each attendee while ensuring ticket authenticity and security.

Wrapping up

The ticketing process can be challenging, but you can quickly generate tickets with the right tools and strategies. Securely designed and personalized tickets will help ensure your attendees have a better experience at your event, leading to more ticket sales.

There are many ways to secure and personalize your ticket designs, but the above process is a great place to start. This will help you create a unique experience for each attendee while ensuring that their tickets are authentic and secure.Start generating your first 10 tickets for free with Ticket Generator now.

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