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E-Ticket Generator: Generate Tickets Effortlessly

You are going to organize an event. This could be a conference, seminar, or a festival. And you are looking to generate tickets for your event online.

You do not want to use editing apps such as Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator as they are complicated and used mainly by professionals.

Neither do you want to physically visit a printing service provider and print the bulk of tickets. This requires both time and effort.

Plus, you know it is difficult to analyse your event performance by manually counting the tickets. Hence, you are looking for a tool, which helps you track and analyse your event easily.

In a nutshell, you are looking for an e-ticket generator, which helps you generate tickets easily.

In this article, we will show you how to generate QR Code based e-tickets, which are secure and sustainable,

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A. Why choose e-ticketing

Traditional ticketing system requires a lot of money and paper consumption. You have to follow a whole cycle: select design, add details, and then print tickets.

But by generating tickets online, the whole process becomes hassle free. Here is how:

a. Sustainable solution


Generating and mailing tickets to the recipients online saves a lot of paper consumption. Your guests can easily show the e-ticket (with relevant ID proofs) on their mobile phones and access event entry.

b. Design effortlessly

Design tickets: Best practices

A professional e-ticket generator gives you an option to design your ticket easily. You can brand your ticket by adding a logo. You can also choose to add a solid background color or a relevant background image to your ticket.

c. No postage fees

save paper via email

With e-tickets, you can choose to directly email the tickets to the recipients. All you need to do is specify the email addresses and the number of tickets to be sent to each. This will not only make sending tickets easy and convenient, but also save postage fees.

d. No issue of lost tickets

By generating and sending tickets online, tickets will always remain intact with the buyer. Hence, the issue of stolen or lost tickets just eliminates.

e. Analyse easily

Analyse data

Manually counting the tickets to track event attendance is tedious. By generating tickets with a professional e-ticket generator, you can easily get analytical data on how well your event performed. This will help you give useful insights to make better decisions for your next event.

Hence, by using an e-ticket generator, you can make the whole process of ticket generation much easier and convenient. You can feasibly generate and send thousands of tickets by just sitting on a couch with a cup of coffee.

Now, let’s move on to show how to generate e-tickets.

B. How to generate e-tickets

In order to generate tickets online, you need a professional e-ticket generator tool. In this article, we will use Ticket Generator for demo purposes.

Using this tool you can create, design, and send upto 1,000 tickets in a matter of a few minutes.

Plus, you can secure event entry by creating QR Code based tickets. That is, every ticket you generate has a QR Code on it. It is encoded with a unique ID. Upon scanning the QR Code, the event organizer/coordinator can know whether the ticket is genuine or not.

Besides, you can get event attendance and other insightful data on your event performance. That is, you can analyse your event efficiency based on various parameters.

Now, the next question is how to create QR Code based event tickets. For this, you just need to follow some simple steps.

a. Create tickets online

Go to Ticket Generator and create an account there. Note that you will get the first ten credits (1 credit=1 ticket) for free. In order to create more than ten tickets, you will have to purchase credits.

Now, to create tickets, click on Create Tickets and select/create your event. Here, you can specify all the details such as name of the event, timings, and venue if you are creating a new event.

Once you are done, click on Create. This way your event will be created.

b. Design tickets

Now, once you create the event, the next step is to design your ticket. Under the Design and Generate Event Tickets, you will see a sample of your ticket.

Here you can mention additional details such as event tagline, event description, or other useful information.

Plus, you can add variable information such as seat number, auditorium, and ticket price on your ticket easily. All you need to do is upload a CSV or MS-Excel file with the data you want to specify on each ticket.

Furthermore, you can add a logo to brand your ticket. Besides, you can add background color or a background image to your ticket.

For more information, refer to this detailed guide on how to design event tickets.

Once, you are done designing, you can see the Preview of your ticket. As mentioned the ticket will have a QR Code, which will help to validate entry.

c. Send tickets

You can choose from the following two options:

  • Generate and Download

By clicking on this option, you can download printable PDF formats of tickets. You just need to specify the number of tickets you want to generate.

Once done, click on Generate.

  • Generate and Email

By choosing this option, you can directly mail the tickets to recipients. Here, you can specify the email addresses of upto 1,000 recipients along with the number of tickets to be sent to each.

This way, you can send the bulk of tickets within a few minutes.

Now you know how to generate e-tickets. Let’s move on to show how to validate tickets for secure entry.

C. How to validate tickets

You know that each ticket you create has a QR Code on it, which helps in validating tickets. But how does it work?

In order to authenticate tickets, you need to download the Ticket Validator app. You can download it from Google Play or App Store. Besides, you can go to the Ticket Validator app section of your dashboard and ask for the app link that will be sent to your email.

Here are the steps you need to follow to validate tickets using the app:

1. Once you download the app, you can login by using the username and password of your Ticket generator account.

2. Next, select the event for which you want to validate tickets.

3. The scanner will launch. Now, point the scanner in front of the QR Code on each ticket. Once the QR Code is detected, you will know whether the ticket is valid, invalid, or duplicate.

Also note that even if the QR Code is worn out, you can still test the validity of the ticket. This can be done by entering the unique serial code, which is printed beneath the QR Code on each ticket.

D. How to analyse event performance

You can manage event attendance and track real-time analytics of your event. Here is how to do it:

a. Add coordinators

Say your event is being organized on a large scale. For this, you can add event coordinators to scan and authenticate tickets at different event entry points.

To do this, go to Ticket Generator Dashboard and click on Manage Events. You will see the details of your event. Here, at the end of the table, you will see three dots. On clicking, you will see the option for Add/Edit Coordinator.

Here, you need to specify the email address of event coordinators. They will receive an email invite and password, which they can use to log in to Ticket Validator mobile app.

b. Track attendance

You can get analytical data on how well your event performed. For this, go to Manage Event section and on the extreme right, click on View Analytics.

analyse event performance

Here, you can get data on following parameters:

  • Percentage of people who attended the event
  • Number of tickets validated per coordinator
  • Attendance on the different time periods (by hours, days) of the event
  • Number of used, new, expired, and invalid tickets
  • Number of duplicate and re-entry allowed tickets

With this data, you can analyse your event performance and make better decisions for your next event.

So, this is all you need to know about e-ticket generator. You can now create printable, customized, and secure event tickets effortlessly. And save the amount of time, effort, and cost in distributing your event tickets.

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