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Event Ticket Ideas: Seven Amazingly Creative Ideas Curated for You

Yashika Tangri
November 24, 2023
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If you're an event organizer, you do need event ticket ideas for your upcoming events. 

Tickets are the primary material that your attendees receive. They act as the first touchpoint between you and your invitees. 

So, it makes sense to give some thought to the ticket design to create something iconic out of it.

A ticket is a voucher that helps the organizers validate the guest's entry to an event. It also proves that guests have paid to participate in/attend the event.

In this article, we'll walk you through six creative event ticket ideas for your next event.

A. Creative event ticket ideas

No one appreciates plain and boring things, right? 

For you to make your event memorable, your tickets need to have a standout design. This will help people reminisce long after the event ends.

Can't think of any creative ideas?

Let us get your creative juices flowing. Here are some creative event ticket ideas to inspire you to create your masterpiece!

1. British Arrows

One of the best event ticket ideas out there, British Arrows has knocked it out of the park!

It features all the essential details like location, timing, and event title, along with a unique template.

The best part about this ticket design is that it features a QR Code along with a unique ticket code. It secures your guest's entry, as this ticket cannot be duplicated.

If this catches your eye, you just need to head over to Ticket Generator to get started.

You can design your tickets by-

  • Uploading your own design
  • Using default design
  • Choosing the ticket delivery method

Your ticket creation process would be greatly simplified. If for any reason you need help, you can always contact the customer support team.

2. Frozen 2 Movie Ticket (Megabox, South Korea)

This is one of the truly iconic tickets. You wouldn't want to part with it long after you've seen the movie in the theater!

These beautiful tickets for the Frozen 2 movie were created by Megabox (a South Korean cinema chain).

Many photos of the tickets were posted by people on social media. The ticket features a reflective surface with frosted sides, that keeps up with the movie's theme.

The front of the ticket has Frozen' characters. On the back, you have the name of the cast and directors, along with the show's details.

Limited edition tickets like these have a high resale value. These tickets have been sold on eBay for up to USD 119.

3. MMM Ticket - Portugal

These tickets created by graphic designer Paul Reis weren't simply used to validate entries. Visitors could hold up the ticket to their faces to make up for an interesting photo or a selfie.

These tickets generated hype for the event. Safe to say, it is one of the best event ticket ideas for designing your ticket.

4. Reel Film Festival - Joe Warburton

What happens if you combine a camera roll and a ticket?

You get one of the best and out-of-the-box event ticket ideas, like the one created by Joe Warburton.

This paper ticket is inside a camera roll which is given to the visitors. The paper ticket can be accessed via the camera roll with all the relevant details.

This design was not created for an actual event but is just a concept. Nonetheless, it shows us that a creative concept like this would urge visitors to attend the event.

5. Ticketime by Jacky Wu, Neo Chen & Eric Liu

This is one of the most futuristic event ticket ideas out there!

Well, not necessarily an event ticket but an amazing idea nonetheless. This ticket has a boarding pass combined with a wristwatch.

The ticket's fringe is made of electronic paper. You can pull it off and wear it like a wristwatch while you're traveling. 

The airline company would set the watch to the time zone of your destination prior to departure.

It still serves as a ticket when given back to the airline counter while checking in for a return journey.

6. Fashion Week - Nottingham Trent University

Not everything has to be big, bold, and colorful. One of the best minimalistic event ticket ideas just portrays that!

This fashion week event ticket features bold black typography on a dark grey background.

Nottingham Trent University's tickets make a statement despite the lack of colors. The minimal info layout also creates a sense of intrigue among the people.  

7. Murder on Cockatoo Island - Elki Lemmettey

This is one of the most unique event ticket ideas put into action. 

It's for an interactive murder mystery event in Australia would be ideal with these tickets. The ticket carries all the information a visitor needs. 

Its 19th-century look and feel transports people back to the historic time.

Tickets like these should be created without any color. This helps people imagine events from more than a century ago in black and white.

B. Events to create tickets for

Tickets are really helpful in streamlining certain event processes. It becomes all the more necessary to have them for events such as

1. Sports events

2. Music festivals

3. Concerts

4. School proms

5. College fests

6. Trade shows

7. Conferences

8. Cultural festivals

9. Theatre shows

10. Movies

11. Museum exhibits

12. Galas

13. Fundraisers

14. Graduation ceremonies

15. Opera and Orchestra events

16. E-sport event tickets

Tickets are not just for large gatherings but work for smaller gatherings as well.

Tickets may bring a unique touch to events such as 

  • Children's birthday parties
  • Picnics
  • Workplace holiday celebrations, and many more 

They are especially fun when created with witty or playful content.

C. Advantages of ticketing for organizers

Tickets are a must-have for attendees when you organize your events. If you're hosting a large-scale event you can avail of these benefits:

1. Better crowd management

A manual check-in process is cumbersome, not only for you but for the attendees as well. It leads to a long queue, which is least desired.

To tackle this, you need to create your event tickets from Ticket Generator. With QR Code based tickets, the check-in process becomes seamless and faster.

These tickets can be scanned by a smartphone using the Ticket Validator App'. You don't need to invest in scanners or other gadgets to do the same.

2. Easy event registration

A complicated and broken website for event registration will see a drop in event registration. You don't want that as an event planner, right?

An integrated ticketing system platform like Ticket Generator allows you to avoid such obstacles. 

Not only you can create events on it, but also design and send the tickets to the participants.

It prioritizes easy ticket sales, and also supports it with apt data and analytics.

3. Targeted communication

Why wait for the event to begin to engage your attendees?

You can even begin before by employing easy-to-implement strategies. With your attendees' contact details, you can:

  • Send them follow-up emails
  • Tek your audience to your website via mail
  • Get them to follow your social media handles
  • Send detailed location of the event

4. Get event ROI

How would you measure the success of your event post its conclusion?

It is not possible to do so via manual methods. So how would you gather the data?

A seamless event ticketing system allows you to

  • Segregate audience data
  • Gauge successful ticket bookings
  • Get ticket turnover rate
  • Send feedback forms

5. Improve customer satisfaction

œCustomer is King'. It's a phrase that we all are familiar with.

With a simplified and seamless ticketing system, you help attendees to have an overall positive experience.  

A good impression also helps you retarget the very same attendees for future events.

Now that you know the advantages of a ticketing system, let's understand what information needs to go on a ticket!

D. Details to put on an event ticket

So you have planned for your event and now want to create your tickets.

It isn't hard to figure out the details that you want on your tickets. Begin by including this basic information first (in no particular order):

  1. Date & Time
  2. Event Location
  3. Price
  4. Event Name
  5. Attendee level: Normal, Press, VIP, etc.
  6. Unique ID number
  7. Scannable QR Code or Barcode
  8. Validity of the ticket
  9. Logo & sponsor details
  10. Terms & Conditions
  11. Refund & Exchange Policies

By including this information, you can easily create your event tickets. You can easily get started with Ticket Generator' to do so!

To help you understand how to create tickets, here's a detailed guide.

E. Best practices for ticket design

Before you begin designing your ticket, here are some of the best practices you should follow:

1. Ease with the information

You must plan all the information before designing the ticket. Too much info on the ticket will make it cluttered. So, only include the relevant information.

A few things such as time, location, and date need to be included. The layout and size of the ticket will be determined by the amount of information on it.

2. Figure out your ticket's layout

Now that you know what information is to be included in the ticket, the next step is to plan the layout. 

Your focus should be to make your tickets minimal. It will be easy to read through, and people will also perceive your ticket as a collectible.

Further, you will need to see if your ticket should be in landscape or portrait.

The orientation depends upon the content and the size of the logo or the image.

3. Make your text readable

Your ticket font should catch the eye of the people. Your fonts should be readable, but also be in sync with the event you're hosting.

The essential texts should be highlighted. For example, make the event name bold or in a different color. People shouldn't find it difficult to find important information on your ticket.

Before you go on and print your final batch, print a few of them. This will help you determine the look and the color of the tickets.

4. Select the logo or the image

With the help of logos or images, you can enforce your branding. This will help people know what the ticket exactly is for. 

Make sure the size of your logo or the image is apt to the ticket's layout. Too small won't be noticeable, and there is no real estate for a larger size.

Also, ensure the logo or image doesn't foreshadow the important information on the ticket.

5. Figure out your ticket's ideal size

If you want to keep your ticket lowkey, a size such as 5.5 by 2.125 would work. The size of the ticket ultimately depends upon the content and the layout.

Your ticket should be readable. It shouldn't be too small, as that would make it easy to lose. 

F. What you need to know about digital vs. print tickets

With the advent of technology, the event industry has had a major leap. This includes the inclusion of digital tickets for various events.

But which one would be the right fit for you? Let's take a look at some of the differences that set them apart:

1. Practicality

Your attendees won't have a problem with a digital ticket if the event is in a good network area. If the network coverage is poor, print tickets would be a safer bet.

2. Cost

The cost of a digital ticket would always be on the cheaper side as there's no need to print them. But on the other hand, print ticket provides aesthetic appeal and acts like collectible item for the attendees.

3. Dimensions

Digital tickets can be of any size. But to comply with the standard paper size, they are sent in 8.5 x 11 inches as an email attachment.

Print tickets have a standard size, with 5.5 x 2.125 inches the most commonly used.

4. File formats

Digital tickets can work across all formats like PDF, JPEG, or PNG. With a print ticket, the best format is PDF, with a bleed.

5. Content

Print tickets have limited real estate where you can include your information. With a digital ticket, you can add more information compared to a print ticket.

Summing Up

Your event tickets don't have to be bland. A unique ticket design does not just serve the aesthetic purpose but also helps in boosting sales.

 We hope that we were able to inspire you with some of the best event ticket ideas. 

Additionally, the best practices will help you to create faultless tickets.

If you're still reading, you've already learned everything related to event ticket ideas. If you have any questions, let us know in the comments!

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