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How To Design Your Event Ticket Easily: A Step-By-Step Guide

You are organizing an event. This could be a conference, seminar, concert, or a fest.

Once the plan of your event is ready, the next step you take up is—generate and distribute tickets.

And you know that a ticket may mean much more to your guests— such as a souvenir of a noteworthy event.

So, you do not want your event tickets to be dull and boring. You want the ticket to be branded and colourful. And a custom-designed ticket will definitely catch the recipient’s eye.

Plus you want your guests to get all the basic details—date, time, venue. And any other additional information about the event.

And hence, you are looking for a tool, which helps you design tickets easily.

But say, you already have designed the ticket using tools such as Adobe Spark, Photoshop, and Illustrator. Yet, you want to add unique information on each ticket. And creating them one-by-one will be a tedious task.

Moreover, you know that paper-based tickets can easily be duplicated. This permits unauthorized entries, which is least desired.

So, how to create unique and secure event tickets easily?

In this article we will show you how you can design your event ticket. And if you already have the design, then how to make your ticket secure.

Plus, we will guide you on the things you need to keep in mind while designing your ticket. And also guide you on the tool you can use to design tickets smoothly.

Keep reading.

A. Ticket design best practices

Here are a few things you should keep in mind while designing tickets:

Hence, your tickets should be:

a. Functional

Since a ticket is meant to authenticate entries, it should ensure:

1. Only authorized entries

You have seen paper-based event tickets. They usually contain details such as event name, venue, date, timing, and the attendee’s name.

But such tickets are easy to tamper with. With photo editing tools, one can easily create duplicate tickets.

Hence, you must first ensure that your tickets cannot be duplicated. And QR Code-based authentication helps you do that. When scanned with a smartphone, it shows you whether the ticket is valid, invalid, or duplicate.

2. Provision of all the important event details

The ticket should have all the details important for the recipients. And we are not talking only about the event’s date, time, and venue.

It should also give them other important details such as event description. Or the row or seat number where you want them to sit. Or even the terms and conditions for attending your event.

b. Look branded

Make your ticket branded

Once you ensure that your tickets are functional, you’d want them to look branded too.

It increases your audience’s receptivity towards your brand. And doing it, helps them recall your brand whenever they need a similar service.

To add branding, you can:

1. Add a logo

A logo is an important part of a ticket. It clearly conveys who is hosting the event. So if you are a business or a company, you can add your logo to the tickets.

2. Add a background

Just like a logo, you can also use the ticket’s background to personalize the ticket design.

To do this, you can use an image as the background. Just select an image that is relevant for your event and add it to the background.

Or you can also use a solid color in the background. Not sure which color to use? Here are some tips:

i. Use your own company’s or brand’s primary color as the background

ii. In case you want to go for alternatives, you can safely use the color blue. It is a universal favourite among all designers. It gives a cooling effect and lead to better interaction with the eye. It is also the color that is much more visible to color blind people than any other color

iii. Other than that, yellow is the color that the human eye notices first. So if your event is promotional, you can go for this color

Now that we’re done with the functional and branding aspects of a ticket, let’s see how to create custom design tickets online.

B. How to create custom-designed tickets online

In order to design your ticket online, you need an online tool.

In this article, we will use Ticket Generator for demo purposes. The tool generates QR Code based tickets. Every ticket has a unique QR Code on it. The purpose of the QR Code is to ensure secure entry to the event.

Hence, it provides you with two design options. You can either upload your own design and then add a QR Code to it for secure entry ticket. Or you can quickly design event tickets that are both functional and branded from the scratch.

And the best part is—you can do it all on your own. No need to hire a graphic designer.

You just need to follow some simple steps:

a. Create Event

Go to Ticket Generator and sign up for an account. Note that all new users get first 10 ticket credits (1 credit = 1 ticket) free of cost. These credits will allow you to easily test if the tool meets your requirements.

Now, go to Create Tickets and select/create your event. If you are creating a new event, specify all the details such as name of the event, timings, and venue.

design ticket online : step1

Once you fill the details, click on Create.

Your event will be created.

b. Design tickets

You can choose from the following two options to design your ticket online:

i. Upload own design

If you already have a ticket design option, you can upload it here. You can then place a QR Code and ticket ID, anywhere you want to on the ticket.

Furthermore, you can add variable information blocks by clicking on the + sign. These blocks are resizable and moveable. You can add up to five blocks on each ticket.

The actual variable information data will be taken up in subsequent steps.

Upload own design: Ticket Generator

Once you have finalized everything, click on Done.

ii. Default design

In this option, you can design your ticket online with your own design. On clicking, you will see a displayed ticket, which has the details you specified in the first step.

Default design: Ticket Generator

You have the following options of customization:

  • Ticket Background image: You can either upload the background image from your system or paste the image URL. Note that the image should be in PNG, JPEG, or JPG format
  • Background Color: You can also add a solid background color to your ticket. This can be done by either specifying a HEX Code or a CMYK color

Note that you can either change background color or change           background image

  • Logo: You can add the logo in the same manner you added background image. That is, you can either upload it from the system or paste the URL of the logo. The format should be PNG, JPEG, or JPG format. And the image size should not exceed 5MB
  • Event Description: You can add a tagline or any other additional information of upto 100 characters. This information will remain the same for all tickets
  • Variable information: Similar to the previous design option, you can simply click on the + sign to add variable information block. But in this option, the blocks are fixed and cannot be resized/moved

c. Delivery method

Once you are done with designing, you can specify how you want the tickets. That is, you can choose from following three options:

i. Generate and Download

In this option, you can download each ticket in the PDF format. And if you want to mention variable information, you can upload data file in this option.

Delivery Method: Generate and Download

To know more about it, you can refer to this detailed guide on variable information.

According to the variable information data, the number of tickets to be generated will be defined by default.

If everything looks fine, click on Generate.

ii. Generate and Send

In this section, you can choose from three options. 

First, you can directly mail the tickets to recipients. Here, you can specify the email addresses of up to 1,000 recipients along with the number of tickets to be sent to each.

Delivery method of tickets: Generate and email

Second, you can send the tickets via an SMS to upto 1,ooo phone numbers.

Send tickets via SMS

Third, you can use both email and SMS to send the ticket to your guests.

Send tickets via both email and SMS

In all the three options, you can do either upload a data file. Or you can type/paste information manually in the given grid.

Besides, if you want to add variable information such as ticket category, seat number, and hall number, then you need to add this data on the file you are uploading. 

For more information, you can refer to this detailed guide on variable information

iii. Generate via API

In this option, you can integrate your event registration system with Ticket Generator ticketing system.

In order to know how this option works in detail, you can refer to this detailed guide on Ticket Generator API.

Delivery Method: API

That’s it. This way you can can either make your already designed event ticket secure. Or can design tickets easily from scratch.

C. How to validate tickets and manage event

Now you know how to design your ticket online. You have generated a customized ticket which has a QR Code on it. And as mentioned above, the QR Code is basically to authenticate entries to the event. But how does that work?

Each ticket has a QR Code encoded with a unique ID or a serial code. By using the app Ticket Validator (Google Play, App store), you can scan the QR Codes on the ticket. And know whether the ticket is valid, invalid, or duplicate.

Using the Ticket Generator dashboard, the organizer can get attendance reports on the event.

You can see this by going to the ‘Manage Event’ section on your dashboard. Here you can:

1. Add coordinators

You can add coordinators to your event, in case you are organizing the event on a large scale. You just need to click Add/Edit Coordinator. And here, specify the respective email addresses.

The coordinators will receive an email invitation. They can then log in to Ticket Validator app and start validating tickets.

ticket validator app log in

2. Track attendance

Click on View Analytics to track attendance. You will be able to see the following details:

  • Number of tickets validated per coordinator
  • Percentage of people who attended the event
  • Number of used, new, expired, and invalid tickets
  • Attendance on the different time periods (by hours, days) of the event
  • Number of duplicate and re-entry allowed tickets
see analytics of your event

Using this data, you can track attendance, coordinator effort, and unauthorized attempts.

Also note that you can download all the data in CSV format.

So, design your ticket online in a simple way. You can easily choose a color and image that suits your purpose best. Your tickets will not only be custom made but also help you ensure event security.

By Saumya Bhatia

Saumya Bhatia helps event organizers to come up with a secure event ticketing solution. When not writing, she is either reading a book or trekking.

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